Qualified Worker Visa “Express Entry”

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Qualified Worker Visa “Express Entry” General Requirements
  1. Prove that you have the education, professional experience, and knowledge of English or French.
  2. Towards the end of the process, individual applicants must prove that they have at least 10,000 CAD in the bank. While families mustshowe that they have at least CAD 14,000.
  3. Have your foreign education credentials evaluated.
  4. Have at least one year of experience in any of the areas mentioned in the following list . When checking the list of occupations, please check the one-digit code on the right of the screen. If the occupation is not type 0, A or B, then you will be less likely to be selected in the process.
  5. Determine your immigration eligibility for the Express Entry program.
  6. Fill out the application form.
  7. Register at the Canadian Government Job Bank if necessary.
  8. Processing time may be a of 1 year.
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Qualified Worker Visa “Express Entry”

Candidates wishing to apply may create a profile in English. There, they need express their interest in permanently residing in Canada.
Candidates who meet the minimum requirements and qualify to be eligible, will enter into a ‘pool’. They will be classified according to several factors.. According to the system, the candidate with the best classification will receive An invitation to apply (ITA -Invite to Apply). The government has announced that its goal is to process applications in about 6 months or less.
Express entry marks a significant breakthrough for qualified foreigners and employers. Express entry allow people who are most likely to be economically successful in the country.
It is important to get the maximum points and to do things well. That is, to complete a solid application. This is when we can help you.
Successful entry into the pool does NOT mean that you will have a a permanent residence.