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LMIA Canada

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), is a report of the Employment and Social Development Canada. It describes the impact of hiring a foreign worker in Canada.

Employers need this approval to hire foreign workers. When the result is positive a report describes the employer’s working conditions.

A positive LMIA confirms that a foreign worker is necessary to do the job. It also shows that no Canadian worker is available. Once an LMIA is positive, future employees are referred for a work permit.

Who needs an LMIA?

Most of Foreing workers who want to come to Canada.

Most suitable immigration program for you.


For an LMIA you must check that:

  • The number of foreign workers is within the limit established by the government.
  • The job offer and the company are genuine.
  • If working conditions are correct.
  • The employer made reasonable efforts to hire or train Canadians.
  • If the foreign worker is filling a labour shortage
  • The recruitment will not affect a labour dispute or the employment of any Canadian worker.
LMIA Canada


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LMIA Canada

Validity  and duration

After a positive LMIA the worker has six months to use it. He/she must apply for a work permit. No extensions. If the document expires, a new application must be submitted.

Important: the validity is not the same as the duration of use of the LMIA. The validity of this document indicates the amount of time a person has to apply for a work permit. The duration of employment says the length of time a work permit is valid.

Work Permit Renewal

If you are in Canada, we can submit your work permit renewal application.

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