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Work Permit Canada
Temporary foreign workers has become an important part of the human resources. This is a strategy of many companies. Our firm handles all kinds of Temporary Foreign Workers needs. And, we have developed strategies to help the process. We can streamline processing as well as maximize chances of success. We have successfully processed work permit applications in all categories.

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Work Permit

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  • Temporary Foreign Workers Program
  • Labor Market Impact Assessments
  • Family Members Application Forms
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Work Permit Canada

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Working in Canada

You need to Know

work permit
  • Your immediate family can come to Canada with you.
  • All family members must fill out the application
  • If a family member must work, they will need their own work permit.
  •  spouses or common-law partners cab be eligible for an open work permit.
  • Foreign worker’s children need a study permit.
  • An open work permit means the holder’s employer does not need an LMIA.
  • An open work permit allows the holder to work in any job with any employer.
  • A spouse’s eligibility depends on the worker’s job skill level.
  • The spouse of a highly skilled foreign worker may be eligible for an open work permit.
  • Dependent children are only entitled to an open work permit through an active pilot project.
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