What do you need to go to work in Canada?

What do you need to work in Canada?

Canada is a country with great job opportunities. If you are a professional willing to find better opportunities Canada is your ideal destination.  Today we will explain in detail  What do you need to work in Canada?

The work permit is really a good alternative, more and more professionals choose this country to achieve their goals.

Why work in Canada?

It is a multicultural country, where foreigners feel welcome and find an unequalled quality of life. Here are some of the best reasons to work in Canada:

  • It is a stable and constantly growing economy.
  • Between 30,000 and 50,000 job offers are created every month.
  • Immigration is a state policy, 340,000 permanent residences were granted by 2020.
  • It has an educational system of the highest quality recognized worldwide.
  • The average salary of a professional is 27 CAD (19.54 USD) per hour and the minimum wage is 11 CAD (7.96 USD) per hour.

Essential requirements for going to Canada with a work permit

  • Having a high command of English is necessary to work in Canada and find jobs where you can apply your skills.
  • Apply to vacancies from your home country and get a job.

We recommend that you use the Job Bank in Canada page to try to find a job offer that applies to your skills.

The company will have to go through a validation process to prove that your profile is important to them and why they need to hire you.

It is the favorite alternative for professionals who decide to boost their careers in Canada.

To obtain a work permit you must enroll in a study program (language courses do not apply).

  • Apply for the right visa according to your objectives

Of course, to have a work permit in Canada you must apply for the right visa. According to what we have told you, there are 2 types of visas that you should consider.

Remember that the first requirement is to make sure you have an excellent level of English and if you don’t have it yet, don’t worry! There are excellent alternatives to learn it.

Take the next step! Canada is waiting for you.

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