What do I need to live in Canada? "

What do I need to live in Canada?

It is the option for many professionals looking to project themselves and progress in the work field. So today we want to help you answer a common question: ” What do I need to live in Canada? “

Canada is one of the countries that offers the best quality of life to achieve goals and objectives  in your professional and personal life.

Pack your bags? 

Emigrating is the option that people look for to have a better quality of life and professional development. Did you know What do I need to live in Canada?

Emigrating to Canada needs knowledge about the immigration programs and their requirements. This helps you to determine whether or not  you are a good candidate to migrate.

Residency is an immigration status that allows you to share most of the benefits and rights of citizens. Permanent residency allows you to apply for Canadian citizenship.

To find out if you have the profile of a candidate who wishes to apply for a visa, we recommend you to take a legibility test.

What to do? 

In case you do not have the necessary profile to apply for a resident visa, there are other methods to enter Canada. An example would be to enter with a student visa and then apply for permanent residence upon completion of post-graduate studies.

Another posibility is to enter through the Express entry program. Candidates who meet the minimum requirements for eligibility will enter a ‘pool’.  They will be classified according to several factors. According to the system, the candidate with the highest ranking will receive an invitation to apply (ITA -Invite to Postulate). The government has announced that it aims to process applications in approximately 6 months or less.

Multicultural Country 

At least 20% of the Canadian population are immigrants. So Canada is a multicultural country that opens its doors to many people.

Additionally, We recommend always keeping an eye on the local web pages to know the new measures for entering the country with the COVID-19.

” What do I need to live in Canada? ” We recommend that you evaluate all options and apply to the one that best suits your needs. Don’t forget that if you have any questions you can contact Visas Canada and they will advise you on everything you need.

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