Travel to Canada in 2021

Travel to Canada in 2021

Every travel lover should take at least one trip to a place with beautiful, interesting, and inviting scenery. If you are looking for adventure, beautiful scenery, high cultural level, and at the same time fun, then you should Travel to Canada in 2021! This year we must take into account the new rules presented by the country against COVID-19. This way every traveler will be able to guarantee their entry without any inconvenience.

Prepare your trip to Canada

Besides the tourist visa or the student visa, of course, the Public Health Agency also indicated a special requirement. It indicated that as of November 21, everyone must present a quarantine plan and proof of COVID-19.

This rule applies specifically to travel to Canada in 2021 by air. It is recommended that those traveling by land also follow the regulation.

Before travel, you must submit the Quarantine Plan through the “ArrieveCAN” application. In case of any problem, contact the government through the toll-free numbers.

It is mandatory to send updates once you reach your destination. You need to include the following information:

– Arrival at the site where they will serve their quarantine or mandatory isolation.

– Daily updates on their health status during their time in confinement. Please send this information through the ArriveCAN application.

Those who do not give information before arrival will be a penalty. Penalties could include verbal warnings, $1,000 fines and even prosecution. All depending on the severity of the case.

If you have any symptoms such as flu, dry cough or fever. You need to contact the public health authorities. If necessary, the quarantine officer may order you to attend a hospital. The hospital will inform the local public health authority that you may have COVID-19.

You must take into account all sanitary measures. This way you will ensure your entry into the country without inconvenience. We recommend that you take into account all these rules to travel to Canada in 2021. This way, you will be able to enjoy the best experience during your trip.

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