The Pandemic: The best time for your immigration procedures

The Pandemic: The best time for your immigration procedures

We know that the title may seem like clickbait, but it is absolutely true. “The Pandemic: The best time for your immigration procedures”.

You are probably considering the idea of getting a visitor visa or a visa to study in Canada. Because of all the benefits and opportunities that this country offers.

Currently it is a country that offers multiple benefits for foreigners. It is one of the countries with the most stable economy. Canada offers an excellent quality of life and it is an excellent place to live. People can gather  with other cultures, so it allows you to learn English and French.

How the Pandemic benefits foreigners

Because of the pandemic, Canada has invited more than 27,000 people to apply for permanent residency. This is specially to those who have applied through “Fast Track Entry”.

There have been 27,332 people. It is  a number that is five times the previous record of 5,000. That is why we say that the Pandemic is The best time for your immigration procedures.

On February 13, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada sent out invitations to applicants.

It was an unprecedented situation. These were sent to candidates with a score of at least 75 on the Comprehensive Qualification System. Ninety per cent of the candidates invited are already in Canada – say the government in a press release.

Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, said via Twitter that immigration is essential to the Canadian economy.

“To help the most skilled workers stay in Canada they have just received an invitation to apply for residency.”

The numbers, do not surprise the government at all, since, Canada were aiming to give permanent residency to 401 000 people in 2021.

Of that total, 108 500 will come through “Express Entry”. This according to plan presented by the government last October.

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