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Start up Visa Canada

Selected candidates will get a letter of support from a government-designated entity:

  • Angel Investors Group.
  • Venture capital fund.
  • Business incubator.

The government-appointed entity is primarily responsible for determining the viability of the business.

They will submit an approved project along with a Certificate of Commitment to the immigration authorities.

All applications are evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

Start Up Visa

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  • Applicants for the Start up Visa Canada program must meet four basic eligibility requirements:
    •  To have a qualifying business.
    • A commitment from a designated entity in the form of a Certificate of Commitment
    • A Letter of Support
    • Have enough funds. Available and transferable.
    • Demonstrate sufficient proficiency in English or French.
Start Up Visa

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To qualify:

  • The applicant holds at least 10% of the voting rights in the business.
  • No other person owns 50% or more of the total amount of voting rights in the business.
  • Up to five applicants.
  • Some applicants can be necessary to the intended business.
  • If any applicant withdraws his or her application, or it is negative, all other people under the same business investment will have their applications canceled.

People  who have get a Certificate of Commitment  may apply for a short-term work permit. 

To get a work permit:

The applicant must give:

  • A letter of support from the entity
  • Proof they have enough funds.
  • Meet the low income limit (LICO) for one year.

To receive permanent residence:

  • To participate in the management of the business.
  • The business must be in Canada.
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    Start Up Visa Canada

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