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For an LMIA you must check that:

  • The number of foreign workers is within the limit established by the government.
  • The job offer and the company are genuine.
  • If the wages and working conditions are correct.
  • The employer made reasonable efforts to hire or train Canadians for the job.
  • If the foreign worker is filling a labour shortage
    The recruitment will not affect a labour dispute or the employment of any Canadian worker.



The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), is a report of the Employment and Social Development Canada. It describes the impact of hiring a foreign worker in Canada.

Employers need this approval to hire foreign workers. When the result is positive,  a report describes the employer’s working conditions.

A positive LMIA confirms that a foreign worker is necessary to perform the job. It also shows that no Canadian worker is available to do the job. Once an LMIA is positive, future employees are referred for a work permit.

Validity  and duration

After a positive LMIA the worker has six months to use it. He or she must apply for a work permit. No extensions. If the document expires, a new application must be submitted.

Important: the validity is not the same as the duration of use of the LMIA. The validity of this document indicates the amount of time an applicant has to apply for a work permit. The duration of employment indicates the length of time a work permit is valid.

Work Permit Renewal

If you are in Canada, we can submit your work permit renewal application.


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