Intensive English Course in Vancouver


Description of the experience

With this intensive program you will be able to enrich your language skills while enjoying your free time to get to know the country and make new friends to travel with. This experience is ideal for you if you are looking to improve your English and do some sightseeing for a short period of time.

What is included in the price:

  • Course
  • Registration
  • Materials
  • Visas Canada CIC Experience

Not included:

  • Management and cost of the visa
  • Health Insurance
  • Airline tickets
  • Accommodation
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Intensive English Course in Vancouver

Vancouver is a wonderful seaport on the west coast of British Columbia. This city is among the most densely populated and ethnically diverse cities in Canada.

It is a popular destination for movie recording. It has great landscapes and a lot of mountains. However, it has an active artistic, theatrical and musical environment.

It is ideal to learn English quickly while having fun getting to know all the corners of Vancouver.

Is it a safe city?

Vancouver is a very safe place to visit or live. It is a  crowded city most of the day and therefore it is quite safe. Personal security is extremely high in Vancouver.


Do I need a Visa for an Intensive English Course in Vancouver ?

Most of citizens need a study permit to study in  Canada. Ask our Experts.






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