How to travel to Canada in Pandemic

How to travel to Canada in Pandemic

Canada is the ideal destination to visit at any time of the year. So you will want to schedule a trip to this place with beautiful and interesting landscapes anytime!. However, Pandemic has brought restrictions to enter Canada.  That’s why we want to show you how to travel to Canada in pandemic.  

The Canadian government has imposed restrictions limiting travel to Canada in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One of those is the entrance to the Country. Please review the travel measures in place before making a reservation. Check back with the authorities at your destination before traveling.

Get ready to experience Canada in pandemic

If you are traveling with a Tourist visa or a Student Visa, you need a quarantine plan and proof of COVID-19. These are some of the essential requirements to know How to travel to Canada in Pandemic

Prior to travel the Quarantine Plan must be submitted through the ArriveCAN application. In case of any problem, the person must contact the government through the established toll-free numbers.

It is mandatory to send updates once they reach their destination, including the following information:

– Arrival at the site where they will serve their quarantine or mandatory isolation.

– Daily updates of their health status during the time they are in confinement.

If you develop any symptoms such as flu, dry cough or fever. You need to contact the authorities as soon as possible. Please contact  the public health authority of the Canadian province or territory. If you show signs of COVID-19 upon arrival, officials will contact a quarantine officer. This officer will conduct a more detailed assessment. If necessary, the quarantine officer may:

– order you to go to a  hospital for a medical examination; or

– notify the local public health authority that you might have COVID-19

These notifications may also be sent via the ArriveCAN application.

Those who do not provide the required information prior to arrival will get  a sanction.

Therefore, you must take into account the sanitary measures to ensure your entry into the country without problems.

We recommend you to take into account the regulations imposed by the Canadian government through the official sites. And that way you can enjoy the best experience during your trip to Canada.

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