Can I visit Canada with my American tourist visa?

Can I visit Canada with my American tourist visa?

Canada is an extraordinary country, it has wonderful landscapes. From rocky mountains to cosmopolitan cities. It also has coasts, like the city of Vancouver, and historical places like the city of Quebec. In addition, it has an enviable gastronomy. People are warm , and multicultural; that makes of Canada a welcoming country. It has a health and educational system par excellence. Attractive job opportunities for those who decide to plant roots. That is why it is one of the first countries recommended to visit, and without a doubt to live in. But, can I visit Canada with my American tourist visa?

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

If you wish to enter Canada with an American tourist visa. You must also apply for a visitor’s visa. In case you are a North American citizen. You only need to process an electronic travel authorization (Eta). It is an authorization that is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport. It is valid for up to five years or until the passport expires. This is valid only if you wish to enter by air. In the case of entry by land. Either by car or train. Being an American citizen you must also apply for a visitor’s visa. This also applies to any citizenship that requires electronic authorization (eTA).

It is always recommended that before visiting Canada, you ask your immigration agent. For sure, the immigration agents will be able to help you with the whole process and immigration status. Canada receives with open arms each one of its visitors, however, the immigration rules of the country must be taken into account. We invite you to review the options of tourist visa, work visa and express entry. This way, you will have a clearer vision of what you want to do!

Come and Visit Canada Today and enjoy!

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